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This One Month Spotify Campaign guarantees ten placements into user-curated playlists on Spotify for 30 full days.


  • The 30 days do not start until the song is fully placed.

  • Songs will be placed within 24 hours after order.

  • You will be placed at the highest available slot of the playlists to begin, and gradually move down as the campaign progresses.

  • You can expect an audience size of about 3-15K monthly listeners.

  • There are many factors that go into how many streams a song will receive (your current fanbase, the album artwork, how your Spotify profile looks, ads you're running outside of Spotify, how much Spotify promotes the song on its own, etc.).

  • Risk Free: Get Results Or Get Refunded.
  • Proof of work sent via email.
  • View possible playlists song will be placed in:

10 Playlist Placements

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